Manufacturer informations

The information provided by the manufacturer must comply with the relevant provisions concerning protective clothing, as laid down in standard EN 340.
In addition the following information and warnings must be provided:
  • the wearer of electrostatic dissipative clothing must be properly earthed  (for example by means of the electrostatic footwear specified in EN ISO 20344 or EN ISO 20345, or using other suitable systems)
  • electrostatic dissipative protective clothing must not be removed whilst in the presence of flammable or explosive atmospheres or while handling flammable or explosive substances.
  • instructions on how the electrostatic dissipative protective garment must be fastened and worn.
  • no changes may be made to the clothing, logos included, … after EC type approval.
  • electrostatic dissipative protective clothing must not be worn in oxygen-enriched atmospheres without prior approval of the responsible safety engineer; the electrostatic dissipative performance may be impaired by wear and tear, laundering and possible contamination.



Design Requirements

Material requirements

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