Indutex, is a European leader in the manufacture and sale of clothing designed to protect against chemical, biological and particulate radioactive contamination. Backed by long experience, the company has made innovation its strong point with a constant quest for top performing high technology materials which enhance the standards of protection and quality.

In this spirit, and with an eye to multiplying the fields of application of its product range, at the end of the 1980s Indutex developed a revolutionary method of production: ultrasonic heat sealing.

At the beginning of the 1990s Indutex developed another type of assemblage guaranteeing the same levels of protection: the so-called overtaped seam.

This method consists in covering the outside of an inner seam with a tape that has the same barrier characteristics as the material used to manufacture the garment. Both these production methods are identified by the  TOPGUARD logo picregistered trademark.

With TOPGUARD logo pic technology we obtain the same performance as that provided by the garment material; thanks to the method of production, we obtain guaranteed protection of the zipper and the utmost guarantee of quality.

With the advent of the new millennium and in the face of new market demands, the Indutex research and development team has created, relying on its own exclusive  TOPGUARD logo pic technology, an innovative line of new-generation products responding to the continual need for new materials that provide the highest level of NBC protection and a good balance between price and quality.

The working method of Indutex is geared toward the requirements of end users and involves developing custom solutions that combine the maximum level of protection with the necessary degree of comfort for people who work with protective clothing.

Following this logic, Indutex has developed a series of products (such as ventilated encapsulated suits, encapsulated suits with internal accommodation for SCBA, accessories, etc.…) which, united to an extraordinary production capacity and flexibility, can meet all the needs of customers.

Thousands of people presently work in Indutex production plants and its customer portfolio includes: major pharmaceutical companies; chemical and petrochemical companies; asbestos removal firms; automobile manufacturers; armed forces of Italy and other countries; National Fire-fighting Corps; Italian Civil Defence Corps; Police Forensic Division; Poison Centres; Local Health Authorities; Zooprophylaxis Institutes; in general its products are intended for all environments where Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) protection is necessary.

The quality of Indutex products is assured by a quality system certified to ISO 9001:2000, commonly known as Vision 2000. The working procedures of Indutex impose a very strict quality control regimen to ensure that all garments are checked and approved.

At present Indutex cooperates with the most representative Notified Bodies and Test Laboratories (including IOM Edinburgh, ITFH Lyon, ANCCP Milan, TNO Prins Maurits Laboratory and SEI, just to name a few) in order to assure that all available data are tested in compliance with all regulatory requirements and to provide its customers with constantly updated results.

By virtue of its painstaking efforts and constant investments in research and development, in terms of production capacity and quality Indutex today ranks among the world market leaders in the design and manufacture of protective clothing.


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Un anno fa ci salutava il fondatore di Indutex, Mario Rossin. 

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